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  • Serious Personal Injury: vehicle, bicycle, and motorcycle accidents, trip/falls, assault/battery, and, vicious animal attacks.

  • Family Law: divorce, custody, spousal and child support, restraining orders, and, marital agreements.

  • Small Business and Corporations: entity formation, legal-business consulting, corporate maintenance, sales and services agreements, buy-out agreements and dissolutions, representation for labor commission hearings and administrative bodies.

  • Probate: wills, trusts, and, probate litigation.


Personal Injury

Our firm only serves and represents Plaintiffs. Our Plaintiff only practice is consistent with our primary goal helping Clients who need it most. I know with experience as a client the difficulties and pressures—health, financial, and time—facing an accident victim. Life changing events require an attorney with both demonstrated court successes and a sympathetic ear and voice. It is not easy to put yourself in the spotlight seeking justice against hostile opposition. With our office you will have confidence in your case and in your attorney from start to completion.

Mr. Belovsky is an active, avid motorcyclist. We invite bikers to contact us—we share your concern for auto/ caused injuries and passion for biking.

Example cases: Auto, Motorcycle and Bicycle; Premises Liability Retail, Hotel, and Assault and Serious Crime Victims;

Business and Commercial Law

Being an entrepreneur is part of the American dream. Dreams should not be defeated by lack of preparation and experience. Our office provides the soon to be and the established business the legal services needed to keep your mind where it matters on building the successful enterprise. Business establishment and entity formation, maintenance and filings, contract preparation and review, commercial and lease negotiations, trade secret protection, buy out and purchase agreements, and serving the growing business are among the many vital services we provide.

Family Law

There is a tremendous need for effective, pragmatic lawyers for family clients. We understand that highly special role and relationship. Our office can serve as the trusted advisor and litigator for your Dissolution of Marriage, Child Custody, Visitation, Spousal and Child Support, and Domestic Relations Order case. Realizing and supporting the option of limited scope representation for the Client seeking vital advice and information, we can review and prepare you on that issue or hearing on a reasonable hourly, limited basis.

Probate Litigation
Being a beneficiary, administrator, or, an executor to a contested trust or will is one of the most emotionally difficult and trying matters for anyone.  I understand and wish to help, by providing solid and sensible legal knowledge and advice, demonstrated litigation experience, and, having compassion for your needs and for your family’s.  Please contact our office to discuss how I may be able to assist you with your interests in a contested trust or will.



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